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Sour, spicy, thick and thick; red flame soup, 5 minutes at home = 8 hours in a ramen restaurant; volcano fried meat sauce, there is still meat at the bottom of the bowl; wheat bran noodles, delicious and healthy; rich ingredients Dishes, a reasonable meal.


1 set of noodles with 6 packs of ingredients, RAMEN TALK bagged sun-dried noodles are newly launched!


210 days super long shelf life, no matter how long you stay at home, you can stock up with confidence.


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Volcano Spicy Ramen with Meat Sauce

£6.00 Regular Price
£4.50Sale Price
Expexted to ship by the mid of November
  • Best Before Date of current batch

    25. July. 2024 - 27. July. 2024

  • What's inside

    • 1 x Pork Bone Soup
    • 1 x Meat Source
    • 1 x Sweet Vinegar
    • 1 x Dried Ramen
    • 1 x Spring Onion with Sesame Seeds
    • 1 x Spicy Flavour Source